Saturday, February 10, 2007

IntLawGrrls' Heartfelt Hello

Our world is a jumble of peoples, a mix of culture and custom, a marketplace of markets as well as ideas. We come together in amazing ways, yet clash in ways that bring destruction and dismay. Women now have a hand in our world’s affairs: think Albright and Arbour, del Ponte and Higgins, Ginsburg and Rice. Yet our voices remain faint, in backrooms and in the blogosphere. IntLawGrrls – women who teach and work in international law, policy and practice – hope to change all that. We embrace foremothers' names to encourage crisp commentary, delivered at times with a dash of sass. We welcome replies, and we look forward to fresh dialogue on the matters of the day.

It's our world, after all.

In gestation beginning February 14, 2007
Due date March 3, 2007 – Grrls’ Day in Japan


Mary L. Dudziak said...

Welcome, from the Legal History Blog! Mary Dudziak). I look forward to reading.

Digger said...

I just discovered your blog today as I was doing my regular blog search for mentions of the the foreign service (I am a lesbian Foreign Service Officer and my blog deals with issues affecting Foreign Service Officers, particularly those from the LGBT community). In short, I think your blog is fabulous and I have quoted and commented on it here:

nongchang said...

I am just so happy to see your site.
You have offered us extremely relevant issues to think about, understand and to act upon.
I am an Australian living in Japan with a history of interest in feminst issues, women's history, and human rights.
You have many of my foremothers, but I cannot see Josephine Butler, or my Australian foremother, Vida Goldstein. ... Nevermind ...
Oh there are too, too many remarkable women form our shared histories.
Good luck with all your work -- and pink is a happy and joyous colour!