Tuesday, February 20, 2007

An IntLawGrrl Meets Senator Obama

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama lived up to his best press clippings while visiting with San Franciscans yesterday. In answer to a question the Senator from Illinois (pictured here with Democratic colleague Dick Durbin, who also made the trip) listed 3 1st-steps to restore U.S. global standing: (1) recall combat brigades from Iraq by next March; (2) reinforce the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; and (3) reform international institutions like the United Nations. Obama reminded that he is the only candidate to have lived in a 3d World country for 3 years and to have close family overseas -- experiences that, he said, make him better appreciate America.
The comments lend force to the 2/12/07 dubbing of Obama, by our colleague Peter Spiro at Opinio Juris, as Democrats' "pro-IL candidate."

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