Sunday, February 25, 2007

On February 25, ...

... 1986, Corazon Aquino was sworn in as President of the Philippines.
... 1993, a bomb exploded in the garage of New York's World Trade Center. Six persons were killed; more than a thousand others were wounded.

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tekel said...

I like the "on this day in history..." feature. Good way to keep a regular posting schedule.

Might I respectfully suggest a resource for your consideration? has something similar; although Rotten in general is not for the faint of heart (or stomach), and it consistently links to some of the most offensive content I've seen anywhere on the net, this particular Rotten feature offers an interesting perspective on history.

If you are insecure in your academic freedoms, or uncomfortable about defending them, you should perhaps think twice about clicking on the home domain ( from work. But the daily rotten news service is basically like without the fluff:

e.g. I had no idea that in 1988, Feb 24 was the day that the decision in Hustler v. Jerry Falwell was handed down from the SCOTUS. You learn something every day... which I guess is kind of the point :-p

The rotten library biography pages are also very interesting, although sprinkled liberally with profanity.

for a variation on the theme:

and just for the record, they don't have a page for Grace O'Mally.