Monday, February 26, 2007

Rabiatou Sérah, l’intrépide

Libération informed us this morning that the Guinean opposition, responsible for 3 strikes that led to a state of siege, is headed by a woman. “Hadja Rabiatou”, the only African woman in Black Africa (I translate this directly as I’m not sure of all the distinctions being drawn here) to sit at the helm of all the labor unions of one country, has called 3 general strikes since February 2006 to protest President Lansana Conté’s nomination of a puppet prime minister. The report this evening is that the six-week-old crisis should end soon, as the president accepted yesterday to choose a new prime minister from a list of 4 names proposed by the opposition. The strikes, which have crippled Guinea, the world’s largest producer of bauxite, should end Tuesday. (Unfortunately, the links to Libération only work for a week.) Meanwhile, a forum on agricultural sovereignty is being held in Sélingué, Mali.

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