Thursday, March 29, 2007

About Nancy Ward

Thank you for starting this blog and encouraging me, a virgin blogger, to join you who make-up the "grrls" on the frontier of international law. I am looking forward to reading more of your musings (and learning how to post properly!). To introduce myself, I write to you as Nancy Ward or NANYE-HI GHI-GA-U (one who goes about), a Cherokee Indian, mother, peacemaker, a "Beloved Woman" or final arbitrator of disputes among the Cherokee. She lead in dangerous times, c. 1738-1824, negotiating the first treaty between the Tribe and the U.S. government. Her belief in international law was shaken by the U.S. government's abrogation of its responsibility under the treaties it signed with the Tribe. I fear we way live in similar times. My great, great grandmother was Cherokee so I ponder whether we are not such distant colleagues. It is with great humility I publish under this name.

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Grace O'Malley said...

Welcome, Nancy! We look forward to "going about" with you!