Monday, March 5, 2007

... and counting ...

(Occasional sobering thoughts.) As of March 5, 2007, 57,805 to 63,573 Iraqi women, children, and men had died in the conflict there -- an increase of between 925 and 960 deaths since our count 2 weeks ago.
American servicemember fatalities, through March 3, 2007: 3,171 persons. Total coalition fatalities: 3,430 persons. (That's 20 servicemember deaths in 2 weeks, all Americans.) Total U.S. wounded: 23,417 persons.
Casualties in Afghanistan: 371 Americans and 167 other coalition servicemembers killed (increases of 1 American and 3 other coalition members in same period), 5,994 American servicemembers wounded.
About the unlikely lack of change in those wounded numbers: Bob Woodruff's recent ABC News exposé pointed out that although the Department of Defense has fixed the number at about 23,000, the Department of Veterans Affairs reports that "more than 200,000 veterans have sought medical care for various ailments, including more than 73,000 diagnoses for mental disorders." Asked to explain the difference, VA Secretary R. James Nicholson responded, in a comment whose callousness is already a Beltway legend, “A lot of them come in for dental problems.”

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