Monday, March 19, 2007

... and counting ...

(Sobering thoughts on this 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.) Amid reports that Iraqi insurgents have turned to chemical warfare -- chlorine bombs -- to magnify the lethal effect of attack, Iraq Body Count reports that as of today between 59,326 and 65,150 Iraqi women, children, and men had died in the conflict there -- an increase of 1,521 to 1,577 deaths in 2 weeks. American servicemember fatalities, through March 17, 2007: 3,217 persons. Total coalition fatalities: 3,475 persons. (That's 46 servicemember deaths in 2 weeks, all Americans.) The number of total U.S. wounded remains, as it has for weeks, at 23,417 persons.
Military casualties in the conflict in Afghanistan -- Does anyone know a reliable source for Afghan civilian casualties? -- 373 Americans and 170 other coalition servicemembers killed (increases of 2 Americans and 3 other coalition members in same period). The number of American servicemembers wounded remains, as if has for weeks, at 5,994.

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