Saturday, March 17, 2007

Green day

A tip of the hat today to Ireland's fair city of Dublin, which invited Christine Quinn, the Irish-American lesbian Speaker of New York's City Council, to march in its multiculti St. Patrick's Day parade after the organizers of New York's parade refused to allow gay and lesbian groups to march openly. U.S. courts have authorized the ban on the ground of freedom of religion.

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Fiona de Londras said...

The Ancient Order of Hibernians, who organise the parade in NYC, are notorious homophobes. Here in Ireland they even threw copies of the Constitution at the Minister for Justice as he spoke at a Law Society event about the need to extend legal protections to queer families. Very funny stuff indeed. They're wackos. Here in Dublin the parade is an officially organised thing, and CQ is something of a heroine in these parts; the picture of what St. Patrick's day is supposed to be - a celebration of the modern, multiculural, tolerant and diverse Ireland. And rainy. Very very rainy.