Saturday, March 24, 2007

I/L women who blog

It seemed too few women were adding their voices to discourse on international law, policy, and practice. With the exception of our colleague Rosa Brooks, few women were publishing on these subjects in the mainstream press, either as columnists or as op-ed contributors. The I/L blogosphere seemed likewise lacking. And so IntLawGrrls was born.
Get yourself a pink car, and you begin to see them everywhere: turns out a number of women whose work touches on transnational matters have sent their 2 cents into cyberworld. We credit those we've seen here, and welcome add-ons to our list.
1st, a heartfelt welcome to our colleagues Dorean Koenig and Linda Malone, who will contribute to AIDP Blog, just launched by the U.S. section of Association internationale de droit pénal/International Association of Penal Law.
Peggy McGuinness is a regular at Opinio Juris, and past guest bloggers there have included Hari Osofsky (our own Mata Hari) and Janet Koven Levit. Over at Concurring Opinions we find Melissa Waters; among the past guest bloggers there are number of women who work in international and comparative arenas, including Francesca Bignami, Allison Marston Danner, Christine Haight Farley.
Good work, all!

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