Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Power-ful call to withdraw

Check it out: In a just-published commentary Samantha Power -- whose Pulitzer Prizewinning book 'A Problem from Hell': America and the Age of Genocide took the United States to task for failing to intervene in Rwanda -- argues that a end to U.S. military intervention in Iraq may be the best means to stop atrocities. She writes that as it withdraws, the United States must: (1) press for political compromise among Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds, as the Iraq Study Group recommended months ago; (2) if Iraqis so request, assist them in a "voluntary, peaceful evacuation" to "religiously homogenous neighborhoods" as a way "to preempt genocide in advance of our departure," and, further, secure asylum outside the country for Iraqis who meet the international standard of a "'well-founded fear of persecution'"; and (3) at long last, embrace the International Criminal Court to "send a clear signal" to culpable Iraqis that they face an accounting before that global tribunal.
Power omits another must-do, now added here: (4) ensure that justice is a 2-way street, that coalition officials responsible for various excesses of this post-9/11 venture (need one say "Abu Ghraib"?) also are held to account.

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