Thursday, April 19, 2007

No good reason

Scarcely was the virtual ink dry on yesterday's concerned post, "Imagining Violence," than anyone who accessed web news sites was assaulted with the barrel of 1, or 2, firearms held by a profoundly disturbed, deceased young man. This morning, same photos on page 1. Can't wait for the sadly rote next round of this story: media self-examination on whether they should've published this violence-as-porn.

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Mojave Joe said...

Thank you for this post--these are my sentiments exactly.

I also wish someone (perhaps VT students) would protest the media exploitation of this event. Setting up talk show studios on campus (see the Today show)? Anchors and reporters walking around hugging and grieving with students for the benefit of the cameras--and the advertisers? The New York Times lightly criticized it today. But I think this is an obscene exploitation of tragedy for commercial purposes. It's wrong.