Friday, May 4, 2007

IntLaw Canada-bound

What's wrong with how we teach and write international law?
The American Society of International Law and the Association of American Law Schools will look for answers to that question in a joint meeting to be held mid-June in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Having served on the program committee, I'm pleased to report that each session will feature at least 1 woman, occasionally 2. They're highlighted in this list of panels:
Monday, June 18
"What Is Wrong? Outsiders Comment": Colin Dayan, Vanderbilt; Ronald Mitchell, Oregon; Sanjay Reddy, Barnard; Jeremy Waldron, NYU. Chantal Thomas, Minnesota, moderates.
"View of International Law Scholarship from Practice": Peter Trooboff, Covington & Burling. Marci Hoffman, California-Berkeley, moderates.
"Internationalizing International Law": Carlos Esposito, Madrid; Balakrishnan Rajagopal, MIT; Edith Brown Weiss, Georgetown. David Caron, California-Berkeley, moderates.
Tuesday, June 19
"What Is Wrong with Our Scholarship": Kenneth Anderson, American; Tom Ginsburg, Illinois; Ruth Gordon, Villanova; Richard Steinberg, UCLA. José Alvarez, Columbia, moderates.
"View of International Law Scholarship from the Bench": 7th Circuit Judge Diane Wood. Elizabeth Andersen, ASIL, moderates.
"Are We All Transnationals Now?": Mark Drumbl, Washington & Lee; Katharina Pistor, Columbia; Mathias Reimann, Michigan. Diane Marie Amann, California-Davis (IntLawGrrls' own Grace O'Malley), moderates.
"Course Design: Lessons from Different Approaches to Teaching International Law": William Dodge, California-Hastings; Franklin Gevurtz, McGeorge; Mathias Reimann, Michigan; Julia Ross, Georgetown. Susan Karamanian, George Washington, moderates.
Wednesday, June 20
"Teaching Ethics, Ethical Teaching": Mary Daly, dean, St. John's; Laurel Fletcher, California-Berkeley; George Harris, McGeorge. William Dunlap, Quinnipiac, moderates.
"Identifying the Core Amidst Specialization": Antony Anghie, Utah; David Bederman, Emory; Thomas Franck, NYU; Mary Ellen O'Connell, Notre Dame. James Nafziger, Willamette, moderates.
"A Conversation Between...": Harold Hongju Koh, dean, Yale; Stephen Toope, president, British Columbia. Diane Marie Amann, California-Davis (IntLawGrrls' own Grace O'Malley), moderates.
Those invited to present works in progress also include lots of women, among them IntLawGrrls' own Nanny of the Windward Maroons (Karen Bravo, Indiana-Indianapolis) and Mata Hari (Hari Osofsky, Oregon).

Register here; see you there.

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