Sunday, May 13, 2007

On May 13, ....

... 1968, workers joined students and teachers in a 1-day general strike, marching 800,000 strong through the streets of Paris to protest the force with which police had in recent days quelled riots against the government of President Charles de Gaulle. Demonstrations would continue throughout mai 68 and daw as many as 10 million participants throughout France. On May 29 tanks were stationed just outside Paris. The crisis ended when Gaullists won a June election, then moved toward educational reform.
...1888, Princess Isabel (right), acting as Imperial Princess Regent of Brazil in the absence of her father, Emperor Dom Pedro II, promulgated Lei Áurea, the "Golden Law" that abolished slavery in Brazil. According to a UNESCO report: "This provoked an economic chaos since the farmers were not prepared to replace the slave labor by free workers." The monarchy fell 1 year later.

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