Sunday, May 13, 2007

Queen for moms for peace

"[M]any of today's leading peacemakers are themselves mothers."
So writes American-born Jordanian Queen Noor in a commentary published at She's joined a coalition working to Reclaim Mother's Day for Peace. Reviewing history we've discussed, the queen states that the "vision" and "call to action" that animated 19th century Mother's Days "could not be more relevant today." Women, she argues, are well-placed to answer that call:
Having traditionally occupied a paradoxical position at the heart of society but on the fringes of power, women often bring unique strengths, talents, and perspectives to the quest to resolve conflict and establish freedom. They are willing and able to cut across ethnic, religious and tribal barriers, and break through obstacles through peace in order to do what is best for their families.
Let's hope that as they win places at the heart of power, women, mothers or no, prove her statement true.

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