Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A not so sweet deal?

À propos of the post above respecting a new politics of "global governance," check out "Noblesse Oblige at the World Bank," new column by our colleague José E. Alvarez, President of the American Society of International Law. It raises cogent questions about the "60 year old cozy handshake deal" by which the United States names the head of the World Bank and Europe the head of the International Monetary Fund. (The occasion for these questions is, of course, the hasty departure of Paul Wolfowitz and, consequently, President George W. Bush's nomination of Robert Zoellick.) Alvarez concludes:
Changing the way the Bank chooses its President and making sure that that President is above reproach are good ideas as matters of principle. They also make sense practically – if the Bank is to overcome the perception in borrowing countries that the Bank’s rule-of-law projects are the least effective of its efforts.

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Patrick S. O'Donnell said...

This topic was also addressed by Mark Malloch Brown in an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago:,1,4565983.story