Sunday, July 8, 2007

On July 8, ...

... 1958, Tzipi Livni was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. After military service she practiced law before being elected to the Knesset, Israel's parliament, in 1999. Her government posts have included Minister of Justice. Now Israel's Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Livni is pictured at right with her U.S. counterpart, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
... 1867 (140 years ago), Käthe Kollwitz was born in Königsberg, East Prussia, now known as Kaliningrad, Russia. Having begun art lessons as a girl, Kollwitz' studies of the suffering of ordinary women and men, like the woodcut of a widow at left, would make her among the leading artists of the German Expressionist period. Having lost a soldier grandson in World War II and having been herself threatened with transport to a Nazi concentration camp, Kollwitz died just before war's end in 1945.

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