Tuesday, August 14, 2007

...and counting...

(Occasional sobering thoughts.) While Iraqi legislators take a month's holiday in "London, Cairo, Dubai, Damascus, Tehran or at a resort in Iraq's safest region, autonomous Kurdistan," back home the casualty count continues: Iraq Body Count reports that as of today, between 69,334 and 75,775 Iraqis, women, children, and men, had died in the conflict -- an increase of 1,689 to 1,439 deaths in the last 3 weeks. American servicemember fatalities: 3,694 persons through today. Total coalition fatalities: 3,991 persons. (That's 63 servicemember deaths in 3 weeks, all but 5 of them Americans.) The Department of Defense reported a total of 27,279 servicemembers wounded, 8,163 of whom required medical air transport. Military casualties in the conflict in Afghanistan stand at 427 Americans and 225 other coalition servicemembers, an increase of 15 and 2, respectively, in the last 3 weeks. Reported injuries in Afghanistan also remained where they've been for well over a month: a total of 1,636 wounded U.S. servicemembers wounded is reported, 743 of whom required medical air transport.

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