Wednesday, September 5, 2007

On September 5, ...

... 1997 (10 years ago today), Mother Teresa (below), the Roman Catholic nun who won the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the poor, died of a heart attack at 87 at the headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity, the religious order she founded, in Calcutta, India. She was born Agnes Bojaxhiu in Skopje, now part of Macedonia, but took the name "Teresa" while training as a nun in Ireland. She has been much in the news of late on account of the publication this week of Come Be My Light, writings that reveal her persistent doubts about faith. A critical analysis by Chitrita Banerji -- of Teresa's "shrewd" characterization of Calcutta as poor as a means to draw attention to her work -- is here.
... 1972 (35 years years ago today), an ordeal that had begun 23 hours earlier when terrorists invaded the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany, ended with gunfire at a military airport and the deaths of 4 assailants, 1 police officer, and 11 members of Israel's Olympic team.

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