Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Global gumshoes

New on the international scene: One World Research, a firm that'll provide investigation and research on public interest and human rights issues. Principals are our colleagues John Sifton, who's just finished a gig as senior researcher on terrorism and counterterrorism for Human Rights Watch, and Jonathan Horowitz, an investigator and researcher who's worked with HRW, too, and also with U.N. agencies and New York University's Center for Human Rights & Global Justice. They offer to NGOs, law clinics, and lawyers working on public interest/human rights cases a gamut of services from conventional surveillance to database searches, from evidence preservation to witness location.
Affiliated with the Los Angeles-based Public Interest Investigations, One World Research confirms the growth of a new and important actor in human rights protection. A complementary project that comes to mind is the Institute for International Criminal Investigations, a investigator-training organization founded a few years ago by our colleagues Raymond McGrath and Nancy Pemberton.
The global gumshoe -- the P.I. who stands ready to traipse the planet in aid of victims of human rights violations -- deserves a heartfelt welcome.

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