Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy 1/2-birthday to us

Demurred on the delightful tradition of unbirthdays introduced to Alice during her visit to Wonderland, but can't resist celebration of IntLawGrrls' 1/2-birthday!
Since giving voice to international law, policy, and practice 6 months ago, we've grown to 15 contributors, who've provided 550 posts and happily welcomed more than 15,000 visitors to our site. Our sister site Legal History Blog now kindly includes our posts -- the "on this days" and others -- in a special, easy-to-reach link. And a recent ranking placed us among the top 50 law-related blogs. But enough of numbers (heeding a complaint about others' blogcounting from Feminist Law Professors).
Heartfelt thanks to all for your support. Feel free to add your voice any time.

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