Sunday, September 9, 2007

On September 9, ...

... 1543, at Stirling Castle, 9-month-old Mary Stuart was crowned Mary Queen of Scots. She'd become Scotland's queen, and Britain's youngest-ever monarch, when her father, James V, died 6 days after her birth. Mary's uncle was regent during her childhood. A Catholic, she was a lifelong rival of her Protestant cousin, Elizabeth I, Queen of England from 1588 to 1603. In 1587, following conviction for treason, Mary (left) was beheaded at Fotheringay Castle in England.
... 2007 (today), the U.S. Grandparents' Day happens to fall on the same day that, in 1955, Seeburg Co. introduced the 1st jukebox able to handle at 1 time 100 extended-play disks -- that's EPs, not CDs. Unrelated events to many, but not here: 1 of my grandmothers, Amelia Mary Mottes Bruni, devoted her worklife to soldering parts onto jukeboxes at Seeburg's Chicago factory. The other, Sarah Jane McGovern Amann, was a Ma Bell telephone operator in Libertyville, the Chicago suburb once recognized as the home of 2-time Presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson. Heartfelt thoughts of both on this day.

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