Monday, October 29, 2007

2 countries headed for women leaders

"May the best (wo)man win," proclaimed a Buenos Aires Herald headline as voters went to the polls yesterday to choose a new President. The top 2 candidates were women, and 1, it appears, has won. Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (left) has claimed victory in Argentina over her closest rival, former legislator Elisa Carrió, who conceded the election. "Cristina, 54, as she is widely referred to ... won the support of many Argentines despite offering few original proposals," the Herald wrote. But then she did have an in: as we've posted, she's the wife of the incumbent President, Néstor Kirchner.
Halfway across the globe, in Ukraine, it looks as if a woman's about to become head of government. Official results just released show that "the pro-West Orange Revolution parties" had won a razor-thin majority of seats in Verkhovna Rada, the parliament, thus paving the way for the return as Prime Minister of the woman whom the Associated Press described as "the charismatic Yulia Tymoshenko." As posted here, Tymoshenko (right) had held that post January to September of 2005.

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Would have to be incompatible office by virtue of being the wife of former president