Monday, October 15, 2007

On October 15, ...

... 1957 (50 years ago today), Mira Nair was born in Bhubaneswar, India. She studied at Delhi and Harvard universities. At 1st she focused on acting, but then turned her attention to filmmaking, with great success. Among her award-winning works are Mississippi Masala (1991), a story of interracial love set in the Southern United States and Uganda, and a story of Punjabi nuptials, Monsoon Wedding (2001). Nair, also today's Immigrant of the Day at ImmigrationProf Blog, is now working to bring the story of human migration to the screen. (photo of Nair and her son, Zohran, courtesy of Mirabai Films)
... 2005, Iraqis went to the polls to vote on a new constitution, an event that U.S. President George W. Bush predicted would "deal a severe blow to the terrorists and send a clear message to the world: Iraqis will decide the future of their country through peaceful elections, not violent insurgency."

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Naomi Norberg said...

1917- 90 years ago toady, Mata Hari was shot by a firing squad at the army compound in Vincennes, France (now part of the Bois de Vincennes).