Saturday, October 27, 2007

Too much pink

Pink is an IntLawGrrls state of mind: a way of looking at the world through a different lens, a way of giving voice to what too often is unvoiced. Feisty, not fluffy. There can, however, be too much pink. And there is, when woman's embrace of her inner rosiness is coopted -- alas, this seems the way of all good things -- by commerce.
Don't much mind Pink as a magazine for professional women. Don't mind at all corporations pinking it up against breast cancer. But the trend ought to have stopped before Big Tobacco began to pinken the leading cause of lung cancer. And surely before this latest :
Was stopped cold by a 3/4-page ad in this week's Chron. The purveyor? That department store that's long been an anchor in San Francisco and New York, and seems to have bought out all competitors in between. The manufacturer? That California-based company that calls its clothes couture (hint: rhymes with "Lucy"). The model? A long-nosed, white-faced lanky dog. Borzoi, perhaps, wearing a pink flip dog-wig and strings of pearls. The product? Kid you not: "pawfum," a "canine fragrance" costing $60 an ounce. Would go nicely with the pink party dress above, offered by another manufacturer for $329.99.
To put it mildly: When 1/2 the world's population's living on fewer than $2 a day, this is so wrong.

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