Friday, November 16, 2007

On November 16, ...

... 1384, the daughter of a Hungarian king whose ancestors were from Poland, Jadwiga, was crowned King of Poland. The masculine title was meant to stress that Jadwiga was the sovereign ruler, and not a queen consort. Jadwiga (left) and her newborn daughter died soon after childbirth in 1399.
... 2007 (today), is celebrated the International Day of Tolerance, as established a decade ago by the U.N. General Assembly, in recognition of the 1995 Declaration of Principles on Tolerance that sets out a framework for fighting racism, xenophobia, and other global ills. Here's Principle 1.4:

Consistent with respect for human rights, the practice of tolerance does not mean toleration of social injustice or the abandonment or weakening of one's convictions. It means that one is free to adhere to one's own convictions and accepts that others adhere to theirs. It means accepting the fact that human beings, naturally diverse in their appearance, situation, speech, behaviour and values, have the right to live in peace and to be as they are. It also means that one's views are not to be imposed on others.

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