Monday, November 19, 2007

On November 19, ...

... 1977 (30 years ago today), Egyptian President Anwar Sadat became the 1st Arab leader ever to visit Israel. Sadat was greeted at Ben Gurion
Airport outside Tel Aviv by Prime Minister Menachem Begin, with whom he would share the Nobel Peace Prize a year later. Also planned during the 36-hour visit was a televised speech before the Knesset, to be delivered in Arabic, 1 of the official languages of the Israeli parliament.
... 1794, Jay's Treaty, an instrument formally titled the Treaty of Amity Commerce and Navigation, between His Britannick Majesty; and The United States of America, was signed in London. Its U.S. nickname recognizes its U.S. negotiator, John Jay, a special envoy who also wrote some of the Federalist papers and served as the 1st Chief Justice of the United States. Although the instrument averted a looming commercial war between the 2 countries, it was controversial. Protesters hanged Jay in effigy. Nonetheless, the treaty received the Senate's advice and consent in 1795.


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Should anyone be interested, I've put together a selected bibliography (books only, in English) on capital punishment: patrickseamus"at" (use 'at' symbol)

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