Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On November 20, ...

... 2007 (today), is celebrated Universal Children's Day. The U.N. General Assembly resolved to create the day back in 1954 to honor the work of UNICEF and to promote the welfare of children throughout the world. It's held on November 20 to commemorate both the proclamation on that day in 1959 of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the adoption on the same day in 1989 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
... 1949, U.S. Rep. Thelma D. Drake (R-Va.), was born in Elyria, Ohio.
... 1945, at 10 a.m., what would come to be called the Trial of the Major War Criminals opened before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. Defendants were 20 leaders of Nazi Germany. As described by the New York Times:
The entire day was devoted to the reading of the lengthy charges and bills of particulars to which the defendants will plead tomorrow. Dramatic despite their familiarity and inevitable repetition, these documents reviewed the whole bloody annals of World War II, reviving for many auditors the stunned horror with which the peaceful nations reacted to the news of German atrocities. Statistics attested to the facts and staggering totals were piled up to challenge the defendants' future declarations of innocence.

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