Thursday, November 29, 2007

On November 29, ...

... 1947 (60 years ago today), U.N. General Assembly Resolution 181 was adopted by a vote of 33-13-1. The resolution set into motion the end of the U.N. mandate and subsequent partition of Palestine into a "Jewish state" and an "Arab state." Following the vote, 6 Arab member states, all of which had voted "nay," walked out of the session; 4 of them "announced that they would not be bound by the Assembly's decision." The latest diplomatic effort to make peace in the Middle East is under way this week, in Annapolis, Maryland.
... 1890, Japan's Meiji Constitution was implemented nationally, as the parliament it authorized, known as the Imperial Diet, held its very 1st session in Tokyo. Its 1st building soon burned down, so that within a year the Diet was meeting in the building depicted in the tapestry at right.

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