Tuesday, November 6, 2007

On November 6, ...

... 2003, the International Court of Justice issued a judgment rejecting both Iraq's claim against the United States stemming from certain U.S. naval attacks during the Persian Gulf War (the 2d of these attacks is pictured at right), as well as the U.S. counterallegation that Iran had violated freedom of commerce and navigation in the region. As our colleague Pieter H.F. Bekker explained in this ASIL Insight, the ICJ judgment in the Oil Platforms Case came "at a time when the requirements for the use of force are hotly debated among UN member states, includes important statements regarding the legal limits on the use of force, including the criteria of necessity and proportionality."
... 1962 (45 years ago today), the United Nations General Assembly asked member states to act with an aim to bring an end to apartheid in South Africa. Resolution 1761 (XII) recommended means such as the breaking of diplomatic, trade, and transport relations, and further launched the Special Committee against Apartheid, which "became the main instrument of the United Nations for promoting and monitoring a comprehensive programme of action against apartheid."

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