Saturday, December 1, 2007

On December 1, ...

... 2007 (today), is marked World AIDS Day. Established in 1988 by the World Health Organization and the U.N. General Assembly, the day is set aside to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, through special media reports and programming and other means.
... 1900, the French legislature passed a law permitting women to become lawyers. The 1st woman to take advantage of the law was Jeanne Chauvin. Admitted to the Bar of Paris within a week after enactment of the law, in 1892 Chauvin had successfully defended her doctoral thesis in law. Its title: "Des Professions accessibles aux femmes, en droit romain et en droit français, évolution historique de la position économique de la femme dans la société"; that is, "Of Professions Accessible to Women, in Roman and French Law, the Historical Evolution of the Economic Position of the Woman in Society."

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