Friday, December 14, 2007

On December 14, ...

... 1985, Wilma Mankiller (left) became the 1st woman Chief of a major Native American tribe, receiving 56% of the votes cast for leader of the Cherokee Nation. She had learned skills in organizing for the rights of women and others in San Francisco, where she was "a shy housewife and mother in her 20s," named Mrs. Hugo Olaya, before becoming politicized when she joined the occupation of Alcatraz. She then moved back to Oklahoma to apply her skills on behalf of her people. Reelected Chief once, Mankiller resigned in 1995 because of ill health.
... 1995, 3 years of bloodshed in the onetime Yugoslavia province, Bosnia-Herzegovina, ended when leaders of Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia signed the Dayton Accords at a ceremony in Paris. The peace accords, which were negotiated at a U.S. military base in Ohio, established Bosnia as an independent state.

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