Tuesday, December 4, 2007

On December 4, ...

... 2007 (at sundown today), begins the 1st day of Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights.
... 1942 (65 years ago today), in Warsaw, Poland, was founded a clandestine organization, named Zegota, which provided aid to Jews persecuted under Nazi occupation. Coordinating efforts that had transpired piecemeal before this time, the organization was the brainchild of 2 women, Zofia Kossak-Szczucka (left) and Wanda Krahelska-Filipowicz, of whom it's written:

Kossak was a well-known, conservative Catholic writer, a member of the Catholic lay organization, the Front for Reborn Poland, and intensely involved on a personal level in assisting Jews. Krahelska-Filipowicz, who also personally sheltered Jews, was a Catholic Socialist activist of long standing....

... 1958, a portion of French West Africa that had been under colonial rule since 1872 became the "the République du Dahomey, self-governing within the French community." A year and a half later the key-shaped territory, situated on the Atlantic Coast between Togo and Nigeria, would become an independent state, the Republic of Benin.
... 1936, U.S. Rep. Grace Napolitano (D-Cal.) was born in Brownsville, Texas.

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