Sunday, January 6, 2008

On January 6, ...

... 1942, Pan Am's "Pacific Clipper," a Boeing 314 "flying boat" like that at right, landed in New York City, completing the 1st around-the-world flight by a commercial airline -- a feat begun on December 2, 1941.
... 1992, a judge in Québec, Canada, ruled that a 25-year-old woman known only as "Nancy B," who was paralyzed, suffering from a rare neurological disorder, and on life support, had the right to refuse further medical treatment. Life support was removed, and she died, the following month.


Jeff and Annette Johnston said...

The picture you show is not the "Pacific Clipper" nor is it a Boeing 314 flying boat. It is a Martin M-130, the most famous of which was the "China Clipper" made famous by the Humphry Bogart movie of the same name. The famous flight of the "Pacific Clipper" was begun on December 7th, 1941 when Capt. Ford and his crew on the Pacific Clipper were caught between Noumea and Auckland when the Japanese attached Pearl Harbor. Capt. Ford was instructed to get to New York any way he could, but not to go back to San Francisco via Hawaii due to the possibility of the aircraft falling into Japanese hands.

Capt. J.A. Johnston
Honolulu Clipper Discovery Project

Diane Marie Amann said...

Dear Capt. Johnston,

Many thanks for the correction! My father, who's an aviator, would be appalled at my mistake (or the mistake of the website from which I found the original photo). I've changed to another photo, of a Boeing 314 flying boat (though not, I believe, the Pacific Clipper), taken from, of a Boeing 314 flying boat. Please let me know if this is not correct, and thanks again for your interest.