Saturday, February 16, 2008

On this day

On February 16, ...
... 2001, "[e]thnic Albanian extremists, ... trying to drive Serbs out of Kosovo," were blamed for an attack on a bus convoy in which more than 250 ethnic Serbs were traveling to a religious ceremony in the province. At least 7 people, women, children, and men were killed. To this day ethnicity-based division remains. Meanwhile, over the objection of some in the international community, Kosovo is set to declare itself an independent state tomorrow.
... 1967, Florence Bird (right), a Canadian who'd been born Florence Rhein in Philadelphia in 1908 and worked as a journalist during World War II, was appointed chair of the new Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada. Charged with "ensur[ing] for women equal opportunities with men," it was the 1st Canadian commission headed by a woman. Its 1970 report revolved around 4 principles:
► women should be free to choose whether or not to take employment outside their homes
► the care of children is a responsibility to be shared by the mother,
father, and society
► society has a responsibility for women because of pregnancy and childbirth
► in certain areas women will, for an interim period, require special treatment to overcome the adverse effects of discriminatory practices

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