Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, IntLawGrrls!

I’d like to mark IntLawGrrls’ first anniversary with a thought from my foremother, Amelia Earhart. (A linked list of all our foremothers is at right, just below our "visiting from..." map.)
Amelia was a woman of action, known for her enthusiastic support of women taking and making opportunities for themselves. “The most effective way to do it,” said Amelia, “is to do it.” Well, we've done it! Unlike the lengthy editing, re-editing, and bluebooking of legal academic writing, blogging is a matter of putting words out there about the issues we care about, week after week, again and again. Thanks and congratulations to all of my sister Intlawgrrls for doing this in a most effective way – and Happy Birthday, IntLawGrrls!

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