Friday, April 11, 2008

Go On! Galway ICC Summer School

(Go On! is an occasional item on symposia or related events of interest.)
Every year the Irish Centre for Human Rights at the National University of Ireland-Galway is the site of an intensive, weeklong International Criminal Court Summer School. This year's course will be held June 21-26, 2008; registration here. Topics to be covered will include the matters specific to the ICC -- its establishment, its applicable law, its structures, and its operations -- as well as those of concern throughout international criminal law, such as universal jurisdiction and immunity from prosecution.
Among the ICC/ICL experts who'll be lecturing are 1 ICC judge and 1 ICC prosecutor: Judge Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko of Uganda and Fabricio Guariglia of the Office of the Prosecutor.
The faculty also includes:
Professor Diane Marie Amann, University of California (yours truly)
Professor Megan Fairlie, Florida International University
Hakan Friman, Deputy Director, Swedish Ministry of Justice; Honorary Professor, University College London
Dr. Ray Murphy, Senior Lecturer, Irish Centre for Human Rights
Judge Kimberly Prost, Ad Litem Judge, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY); Chief, Legal Advisory Section, Treaty and Legal Affairs Branch, U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime
Professor William A. Schabas, Director, Irish Centre for Human Rights
David Scheffer, former U.S. Ambassador at Large on War Crimes Issues; Professor and Director, Center for International Human Rights, Northwestern University
David Tolbert, ICTY Deputy Prosecutor
Sharon A. Williams, Professor, Osgoode Hall, York University, Toronto; former ICTY Judge

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