Saturday, April 5, 2008

On this day

On April 5, ...
.... 1971, Frances Phipps became the 1st woman to reach the North Pole. In 1953 she and her husband, arctic pilot Weldy Phipps, had established Atlas Aviation. The northernmost charter flight service in Canada, the company was located in Resolute Bay, in what is now the province of Nunavut.
... 1882, Natalia Sedova (left) was born. Perhaps best known as the 2d and last wife of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, whom she accompanied into exile in Mexico, Sedova was an author. Among the works that she wrote was an "autobiography" of her husband. She died in 1962, having survived Trotsky and her 2 sons, all of whom died, it is believed, at the hands of political opponents.

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