Monday, May 26, 2008


(Today -- Memorial Day in the United States -- IntLawGrrls presents photos of past observances of this woman-started event. All are courtesy of the Library of Congress' archive of photos from a newspaper no longer in existence, the Chicago Daily News)

1917: A fur-stole-clad Ella Cermak, presumably the daughter of Anton J. Cermak, then a state legislator and later mayor, "posing with a soldier in front of a light colored panel for Tag Day, i.e. Memorial Day, in a room in Chicago, Illinois." (credit)

circa 1904: "Image of a Memorial Day observation, with children with American flags gathered among the tombstones in a cemetery in Chicago, Illinois." (credit)

1922: A young girl and 3 servicemembers stand at a decorated grave at Mount Carmel Cemetery, Hillside, Illinois. (credit)

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Diane Marie Amann said...

Photos also inspired our Opinio Juris colleague, Roger Alford, today. See

See too our post last summer about 1 veteran's unself-conscious account of how he and his fellow U.S. submariners well-treated enemy POWs, at