Thursday, May 1, 2008

Update: transnational law & curricular reform

As a follow-up to earlier IntLawGrrls posts (here and here), as well as posts on Opinio Juris (here), I wanted to share this exciting news:
The Washington and Lee University School of Law faculty voted unanimously yesterday to add transnational law to the first year curriculum. This decision reinforces the school's continued development of its transnational law program, and should pair in exciting ways with its (also unanimous) vote earlier this spring to move towards a third year focused on practicum courses. By giving all students a grounding in transnational law in the first year, the school will enhance the value of its innovative transnational law electives in the years that follow.
Roger Alford, whose Opinio Juris posts had criticized the reforms, generously commented this morning:
Sounds like a great curriculum move. Combine that with W&L's stellar international law faculty (beginning next year the IL faculty will include Johanna Bond, Mark Drumbl, Susan Franck, Fred Kirgis, Russell Miller, Hari Osofsky, etc.) and I think that any concerns about the marginalization of international law at Washington & Lee are misplaced.

We are excited to be part of this pedagogical experiment.


Marjorie Florestal said...

Congrats Hari! Internationalists everywhere rejoice at W & L’s foresight—and your students will be all the better for it.

Fiona de Londras said...

I must add my congratulations. I think this is an excellent idea and if there's room on the curriculum then int law as a compulsory modeule seems perfectly logical to me. The alternative is to ensure that international law is integrated throughout the foundational classes - certainly that's what I and some other colleagues are now trying to do in Ireland (especially since ECHR was incorporated) and I know is very common in the UK (because of the Human Rights Act 1998). It takes time to get that kind of integrated internationalist curriculum though and there's little or no clinical opportunities there. I hope it goes well for W&L - we'll all be waiting to see the outcome!