Monday, June 16, 2008

1 out of 3 is bad

Hot on the heels of last week's decision in Boumediene, about which we've posted here, comes a McClatchy Newspapers series highly critical of detention at Guantánamo.
The 1st installment of the series entitled "Guantanamo: Beyond the Law" includes these passages:
[T]op Bush administration officials knew within months of opening the Guantanamo detention center that many of the prisoners there weren't 'the worst of the worst.' From the moment that Guantanamo opened in early 2002, former Secretary of the Army Thomas White said, it was obvious that at least a third of the population didn't belong there.
Many detainees were 'swept up in the pot' by large operations conducted by Afghan troops allied with the Americans, said former Army Secretary White ....
That at least 1 of every 3 detainees didn't belong is not news to anyone who's kept a close eye on things at GTMO. What is news is that someone who held high government office is owning up to the fact. (credit for photo of White, at far left)
Follow the 5-day series -- the result of an 8-month investigation in 11 countries on 3 continents -- all this week here.

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Diane Marie Amann said...

And for related news, the Supreme Court today agreed to hear a civil rights case brought by someone held in U.S. immigration detention soon after 9/11. For details & commentary, see the Convictions post, by our colleague Deborah N. Pearlstein, at