Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On June 25

On this day in ....

.. 1993 (15 years ago today), Kim Campbell was sworn in as Canada's 1st woman Prime Minister. "Facing a series of formidable tasks, including reducing a yawning federal budget deficit, balancing demands of Quebec- and English-speaking provinces and preserving national health and other social programs," the New York Times wrote of Campbell's government-reduction and other cost-cutting measures, the new Prime Minister said her Cabinet heralds 'a new approach to government and a new generation of leaders for Canadians.'" She did not last a year, resigning from her post and retiring from electoral politics in December 1993. (credit for Merna Forster's 2004 photograph of Campbell unveiling her official portrait)

... 1950, the U.N. Security Council denounced North Korea's invasion of South Korea. By Resolution No. 82, it labeled the action a breach of the peace and called for an immediate end to fighting.

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