Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sweet Home Chicago redux

My home city's humming these days.
Chicago's Sen. Barack Obama just clinched the Democratic Presidential nomination, in a year when another of the 3 last-remaining candidates, Sen. Hillary Clinton, was born in Chicagoland.
The Chicago Cubs hold the best record in baseball this season, fully 100 years after the last time the North Siders won the World Series. On the South Side, the Chicago White Sox are 1st in their division, too.
And then there's the international scene.
As posted, more than a year ago the City of Big Shoulders elbowed out Los Angeles to become the U.S. entrant in the '16 Olympics competition. Yesterday the city made the final cut: as Doha, Qatar, Prague, Czech Republic, and Baku, Azerbaijan fell by the wayside Chicago was named 1 of 4 finalists to sponsor the 2016 Olympic Games. It competes from now till October 2, 2009, against Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Madrid, Spain, and Tokyo, Japan. One tough bunch.

(credit for photo of 1967 sculpture by Pablo Picasso, Chicago's Civic Center landmark)

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