Thursday, July 17, 2008

Child soldier in interrogation

We've posted before about Omar Khadr (right), the alleged child soldier who's been detained for years at Guantánamo and is among the 1st detainees whom to U.S. government has charged. He was seized in Afghanistan in 2002.
Now comes the videotape below of a February 2003 interrogation of the Canada-born Khadr. Though the words at times are hard to decipher, Khadr's distress is evident. At one point the woman and men who are questioning him leave the room. Khadr slumps forward, head in hands, and wails 2 syllables that some have understood to be "Help me," but that others have heard as the Arabic words "Ya Umi" -- "Oh, Mommy" in English.
At the time of this interrogation the boy was 16 years of age.

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