Monday, July 14, 2008

Janet Koven Levit Named Dean at University of Tulsa College of Law

It is my tremendous pleasure to announce that Janet Koven Levit, who has served as Interim Dean for the past year, was named the Dean of Tulsa University College of Law. As noted in the university press release: "The appointment, effective immediately, makes Levit the first female dean in the college’s history as well as the first dean drawn from among the college’s faculty since the 1960s."
Dean Levit is not only an accomplished international law scholar who has broken ground with her work on bottom up lawmaking, but she also plans in her deanship to emphasize the area as one of the school's strengths. The press release summarizes: "Levit said her goals for the law school are to continue the trends she began as interim dean, in particular setting the college apart from other regional law schools by offering top-tier students a law school experience that is excellent in all respects and by building upon TU’s strengths in energy law, Native American law, and international law."
This emphasis is particularly exciting because of Tulsa's location in the middle of the United States and Oklahoma's evolving energy industry. Dean Levit has long been an advocate of the importance of engaging international law in the "heartland," and her scholarship has highlighted the state courts' and Tulsa's engagement with international legal issues. I have tremendous confidence that her deanship represents an important new chapter for the law school's growth and development, as well as a real opportunity for engaging the role and complexities of international law in this region of the country.

(Janet joins a host of international law deans, about whom we've posted here, here, and here.)

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