Monday, October 6, 2008

Go On! "Transnational Networks"

(Go On! is an occasional item on symposia of interest. This particular one's a guest post, from IntLawGrrl guest/alumna Jenia Iontcheva Turner)

On Friday, November 7, 2008, SMU Dedman School of Law will host an international law conference entitled The Rise of Transnational Networks. The American Society of International Law is a co-sponsor, and the quarterly publication of the American Bar Association's Section of International Law and Practice, The International Lawyer, will devote a symposium issue to the conference.
In the last few decades, judges, legislators, prosecutors, and agency officials have increasingly been coordinating policy and decision-making across borders through informal networks. Such coordination has often occurred without formal legal sanction and is especially prominent in areas of cross-border regulation, including banking, antitrust, environmental protection, and securities law. But it also occurs in more politically charged areas, such as constitutional law, national security, law enforcement, and human rights.
This conference will bring together academics, judges, government agency officials, and NGO representatives to discuss the increased prominence of networks and the contributions of such networks to international cooperation. Participants will discuss questions such as:
► Under what conditions are transnational networks likely to arise?
► How do they function?
► What are their advantages over traditional diplomacy and international organizations?
► In what circumstances are networks most likely to be successful?
► What are some of the main obstacles to their legitimacy and effectiveness?
► How can these obstacles be overcome?
A detailed program, registration, and more information may be found here.

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