Sunday, October 5, 2008

In the pink

Do Women Blog?
More difficult is the question that Mary L. Dudziak raises in her guest post above:
If yes, why do their voices not register as loudly and clearly as those of men?
There are many reasons, historical, cultural, temporal, perhaps even temperamental. It's no frivolous question. Cyberspace is legal writing's new frontier. We need to know about perceived gender inequality there no less than anywhere else. We risk slippage of what equal footing exists in law and the academy if we don't understand this new terrain. Genuine empirical research on these matters would be genuinely welcome.
Meanwhile, we can follow the lead of Dudziak -- an IntLawGrrls' inspiration -- and make our own change now.
► More scholars -- women and men -- need to give recognition to more women. Even in our more traditional scholarship, we aren't always good about citing to other women. Even when more contemporary options are available, there seems a tendency to choose an old reliable name as authority for some legal chestnut. But by reaching back to an earlier, less gender-balanced era, we shrink the pool of women we might cite.
► We need too to invite and encourage women colleagues to give voice to their thoughts, not only in virtual spaces but also the physical space of academic conferences.
Here at IntLawGrrls, we're proud to do our unabashedly pink part. Are you doing yours?

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