Saturday, October 18, 2008

On Art! "Woman on the Run"

(On Art! is the name just bestowed on IntLawGrrls' occasional looks at artifacts of transnational culture) Now on display at Selfridges Ultralounge, London: "Woman on the Run," an installation that uses TV newsreaders and mind-tickling neons -- "Passion," "Don't Go Inn,"etc. -- to pique interest in a film noir femme fatale in flight. As noted in the description beside the project's YouTube video (below):

A crime has taken place, and she is wanted for questioning. Clues are given about what might have happened and who the woman is; it is for the viewer to decide whether she the victim, or the perpetrator; a study in feminism or the manifestation of outdated perceptions of women?
One mystery solved: la femme inconnue is played in tandem. Starring is the installation's creator, Tracey Snelling, a California-born artist who's exhibited across America and Europe, in Israel and in China; joining her is the Dublin-based actor and playwright Kate Perry.

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