Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day in Atlanta, GA

It's a beautiful day here in Atlanta, GA and so far all reports suggest that there have been no difficulties or delays at polling places. We are here for this conference and have been wandering around Decatur this morning to get a sense of the atmosphere. So far we have seen no delays or lines at polling places and people we've spoken to have reported the same at the polling places around the city. Both yesterday and today we saw a number of people with Obama/Biden tshirts, buttons and posters and no McCain/Palin signs, but that may be a product of the area we're staying in which is very blue. Although Georgia is normally a red state the polls suggest a close race on the presidential ballot here, and there is a possibility that Saxby Chambliss will be a Senate casualty if there is a Democratic sweep today. We're heading into the CNN centre now, where we hope to get some photos, more atmosphere, and some more reports.

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