Saturday, December 6, 2008

On December 6

On this day in ...
... 1921, for the 1st time, all Canadian women were able to exercise the right to vote (left). However, according to this government website,

some women learned that having the right to vote and exercising it were two different things. One of the difficulties was ensuring names were on voters lists.
Those who were able to vote in that 1st universal-suffrage election chose, among other leaders, Agnes Campbell McPhail, "a country schoolteacher" who ran on the ticket of the United Farmers of Ontario and became Canada's 1st woman Member of Parliament.
... 1917, the Russian Empire of which it was a part having fallen a couple months earlier to the Bolsheviks, the Parliament of Finland approved a Declaration of Independence that had been drafted 2 days earlier by Finnish Senators. In Finland, today is Independence Day, marked by festivities and windows bedecked in the blue and white of the national flag.

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