Monday, January 5, 2009

...and Elena Kagan's to be the new SG

More kudos: President Elect-Barack Obama has just nominated Harvard Law Dean Elena Kagan to be the lead government lawyer before the U.S. Supreme Court.
Kagan, who would be the 1st woman Solicitor General of the United States, was a law clerk to Justice Thurgood Marshall, himself the 1st African-American person to serve as SG.
IntLawGrrls mentioned Kagan this summer, in a post on the annual meeting of the American Constitution Society that also mentioned our guest alumna Dawn Johnsen, who, as described above, has just been named to head the Office of Legal Counsel. In that post we wrote:
Of some concern, though, were comments at a Friday morning panel entitled 'What's At Stake: Law and Justice Policies in a New Administration.' There participants shrank from a suggestion by the moderator, Harvard Law Dean Elena Kagan, that criminal investigation might receive even fleeting contemplation by the new President, who will have the task of making an accounting of official abuse post-9/11. ...
Among her 1st tasks upon confirmation relates to the post-9/11 legal landscape: it is, as detailed in this New York Times article , to prepare and file the government's briefs in the case of Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, the only person designated an "enemy combatant" who is still in Stateside detention.

Heartfelt congratulations, Elena!

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